24 Hour Emergency Service
RBQ Licence #5679-9885-01

514-718-FIRE (3473)


All this from ONE, PROFESSIONAL, EXPERT supplier:


  • A full-service fire protection company providing multiple services, simplifying compliance tracking and emergency service.
  • Protect Fire can provide many of your Life Safety Services including first aid and safety, training, personal protective equipment and safety mats.


  • Uniformed technicians with background checks.
  • Our Personal Route Computers (PRC) provide all documentation to you, your AHJ and your insurer.


  • Trained and licensed technicians with all applicable certifications.
  • A full-site survey of your facility is performed each visit covering Life Safety beyond Fire Protection.

Complete Fire Protection from ONE, PROFESSIONAL, EXPERT supplier. Protect Fire provides protection of People, Property and Productivity.

A complete fire protection program for your business starts here.